Bose 191 Review of Their Innovative Stereo Everywhere Design

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Bose 191 Review

From Bose:

Bose® 191 flush-mount speakers blend into your room so beautifully, only their noteworthy performance will remind you they’re there. Install them in your wall, connect to your stereo or surround sound components, and enjoy wide, spacious sound coverage while these Virtually Invisible® speakers almost disappear.

Music to your ears—and easy on your eyes, thanks to the proprietary Bose technologies. Articulated Array® speaker design delivers spacious, natural sound throughout the listening area. And Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance makes it possible to hear balanced audio almost anywhere in the room, unlike conventional home audio speakers that focus sound in one “sweet spot.”

A proprietary ported enclosure delivers smooth, consistent low-frequency response. This innovative built-in speaker design compensates for unpredictable environments behind walls that can diminish performance, and also prevents sound from radiating directly into adjoining rooms.

Use as in-wall surround sound speakers with your home theater components or your stereo system. These flush mount speakers are unobtrusive and easy to install. Both rectangular and round grilles are included so you can use either, according to your preference. You can even paint the grilles to match your decor.

How we got this Bose 191 Review: Ratings Legend

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Bose 191 Review

Bose 191

Hopefully this sheds some light on what’s going on under the hood of Bose gear.  Keep in mind Bose doesn’t publish very many “facts” about their product.  They will tell you to let your ears be the judge.  While I agree with that statement, I disagree about their methods of merchandising, simply because they make it next to impossible to actually “let you ears be the judge” as their demonstration method does not allow any comparison to other brands.  They have Bose stores and Bose departments where their products are exclusively merchandised.  These may be the only places you’ll get a real Bose 191 review for yourself.

In particular about this item of note is that there are 2- 2 1/2″ paper cone drivers that are full range.  Some assumptions would be that the range is less than most, but accuracy within those unknown ranges should image very well.  However, when crossing the drivers in the manner that they do, it would then make pin point imaging difficult.  The goal with the crossing of the drivers would be to help disperse the sound to seem like it is “coming from nowhere, but everywhere”.  Without needing a crossover, they inherently eliminate phase distortions that a poorly designed crossover can introduce.  Hopefully you’ll benefit from this Bose 191 Review.

Woofer: Paper
Tweeter: None
Low Frequency Limit: Unknown (Assuming >60Hz)
High Frequency Limit: Unknown (Assuming <20kHz)
Crossover: None
Warranty: 5 Years
Special Features: Enclosure, Cross firing speakers
Sensitivity: Unknown (Assuming <88dB)
Wattage Limit: 50 watts

Bose 191 Review

Bose 191 Review

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