Inwalltech Review — HD650.2W

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InwallTech Review –HD650.2W

The High Definition Series from InwallTech gets a big makeover this year.  The HD650.2W is now available in a “trimless” version.  Meaning that the grill frame around the edge is no longer there!  All you see is the ultra-minimalistic fine mesh grill hugging the wall surface.  The sound was already becoming legendary from the looks of these InwallTech Reviews (those reviews are from the previous edition HD650W) already comparing this newcomer to the likes of B&W (Bowers and Wilkens).  This InwallTech review comes as no surprise to those familiar with quality speakers and what to look for.  A Kevlar woofer and Titanium tweeter anchor this rock solid performer with rich, robust lows and crystal clear, vibrant highs, and accurate reproduction of the main midrange spectrum to make your music jump to life.

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From InwallTech:

“Finally, our flagship line of speakers are here!  This HD line of speakers are very good….and very good for the price.  We should sell these for more, but we can’t in good conscience.  Factory direct from a strong retailer is your best bet these days…no middle-man”
Brian Kruse

The Kevlar® in the woofers (for low frequencies), is a high-end speaker material that is very lightweight and resists flexing under stress.  This means that you get smooth steady low frequencies without distortion at even higher sound pressure levels.

The Titanium in the tweeters (for high frequencies), is another high end material pioneered by JBL and now widely available in better speakers.  Titanium is also a very very light material that is extremely rigid.  This allows the material to move faster than other materials used in tweeter assemblies (like poly carbonate, silk or aluminum).  That speed is what produces crisp, clean and clear highs that extend past even the most sensitive listeners range of audibility.

Woofer: Titanium
Tweeter: Titanium  Dome
Low Frequency Limit: 40Hz (+ – 9 dB)
High Frequency Limit: 30kHz (+ – 9 dB)
Crossover: 12 dB
Warranty: Lifetime
Special Features: Pivoting tweeter, 4/8 ohm switch, tweeter control, woofer control, trimless grill, auto-protect switch
Sensitivity: 89dB
Wattage Limit: 125 watts

InwallTech review of HD650.2W

InwallTech review of HD650.2W

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