InwallTech High Definition HD525.1LCR Review

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 InwallTech High Definition HD525.1LCR Review

  InwallTech High Definition HD525.1LCR Review

Simply stated…a Power House!  There’s a lot packed into this guy.  For a speaker that doesn’t even need the full width of a standard 16″ on center stud bay to mount, there’s certainly plenty of oomph!  You can be comfortable using this speaker in any and all positions of your home theater.  Center, left, right, mid-sides, rear…ALL of them.  Using Kevlar for the woofer and mid and Titanium for the tweeter, this bad boy has signed up for the best materials made for performance speakers.  Start seeing more of this brand compete with the big of the bigs in the industry.

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From InwallTech:

“Finally, our flagship line of speakers are here!  This HD line of speakers are very good….and very good for the price.  We should sell these for more, but we can’t in good conscience.  Factory direct from a strong retailer is your best bet these days…no middle-man”
Brian Kruse

The Kevlar® in the woofers (for low frequencies), is a high-end speaker material that is very lightweight and resists flexing under stress.  This means that you get smooth steady low frequencies without distortion at even higher sound pressure levels.

The Titanium in the tweeters (for high frequencies), is another high end material pioneered by JBL and now widely available in better speakers.  Titanium is also a very very light material that is extremely rigid.  This allows the material to move faster than other materials used in tweeter assemblies (like poly carbonate, silk or aluminum).  That speed is what produces crisp, clean and clear highs that extend past even the most sensitive listeners range of audibility.

On a cosmetic level, these use a new contemporary design for the grill.  The grill goes edge to edge, so the only thing you see on your wall is the fine mesh grill.  It’s held on by a series of magnets around the rim, making it easier to install as well.

Woofer: Kevlar
Tweeter: Titanium
Low Frequency Limit: 40Hz (+ – 9 dB)
High Frequency Limit: 26,500 Hz (+ – 9 dB)
Crossover: 12 dB
Warranty: Lifetime
Special Features: Pivoting tweeter, tweeter control, mid-range control, woofer control, auto-protect switch, 4/8 ohm selectable, trimless grill
Sensitivity: 89dB
Wattage Limit: 150 watts

InwallTech HD525.1LCR Review Index

InwallTech HD525.1LCR Review Index

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2 Responses to “InwallTech High Definition HD525.1LCR Review”

  1. Roy

    I built a new house 3 years ago. We had the house pre-wired for sound and have these speakers in every room! I literally play music EVERY day & enjoy having people over. We Love the sound of these speakers and get compliments consistently from people visiting. – BTW…this is the second house we’ve installed InWallTech speakers! Love the quality and love the cost even more!

    • Roy

      Thanks for the input! You and I sound a lot alike. I’ve also had these speakers in my last 3 homes. I honestly cannot say if my previous speakers were “HD” series, but I’ve certainly enjoyed the quality that Brian has offered over the years. In the process of building a new home now, and will have these speakers in each room. – Thanks!


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