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MAS Audio MAS-IC6C Review

From MAS Audio:
MAS Audio takes a unique approach to manufacturing high quality, in both build and sound, audio products.  Many manufacturers rely on fancy looks and gimmicks to suggest that their products perform better than others.  We rely on proven designs. We utilize the best materials in support of our LIFETIME warranty.  The key to sonic success lies in matching the right components. Then we test each design under a myriad of conditions until the best performance has been achieved.  Our range of speakers matches just the right drivers to provide a truly unique sound at very competitive price levels.

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MAS-IC6C Review


Bottom line for these speakers is they are a very solid value for their price point (appox. $50 at time of review).  Nothing fancy here, basic components with good construction.  Overall their frequency response is actually VERY good for this price of speaker.  Industry standard mounting will leave no surprises.  Cut out template is included.  Lifetime warranty on a $50 speaker?  Very nice.  No wonder these consistently get 4 star + ratings on reseller sites.  These speakers compare against even the Bose 191 type numbers…pretty heady stuff for something as inexpensive as these.

Reviewer: DPM Electric from Santa Fe, NM
I used 2 pairs of these speakers in a doctor office. Installation was simple and connection was easy. Office staff was happy.

Reviewer: Chophound from Coppell, tex
We use this in multiple rooms at multiple locations, it works great.

Woofer: Polypropylene
Tweeter: Mylar
Low Frequency Limit: 60Hz (+ – 5 dB)
High Frequency Limit: 20kHz (+ – 5 dB)
Crossover: 6 dB
Warranty: Lifetime
Special Features: none
Sensitivity: 91dB
Wattage Limit: 50 watts

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MAS Audio MAS-IC6C Review

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