Bose DS16F for JBL vs Bose

Comparison Rating Request JBL vs Bose Control 26CT DS16F Ceiling Speakers

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 JBL VS BOSE — Control 26CT  against DS16F Ceiling Speakers How we got these ratings JBL vs Bose: Ratings Legend [easychart type=”horizbar” title=”JBL vs Bose” importcsv=”wp-content/uploads/c_bose_v_jbl.csv” minaxis=”5″] Bose DS16F: Woofer: Paper Full Range Tweeter: None Low Frequency Limit: 80Hz (+ – 10 dB) High Frequency Limit: 19,000 Hz (+ – 10 dB) Crossover: NA Warranty: 5 Years Special […]

InwallTech High Definition HD525.1LCR Review

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 InwallTech High Definition HD525.1LCR Review   InwallTech High Definition HD525.1LCR Review Simply stated…a Power House!  There’s a lot packed into this guy.  For a speaker that doesn’t even need the full width of a standard 16″ on center stud bay to mount, there’s certainly plenty of oomph!  You can be comfortable using this speaker in any […]

OWI ICT-62A Review

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OWI ICT-62A Review The OWI ICT-62A is part of OWI’s “Constellation Series” and has been around for years.  Likely, it’s been a work horse model for them and a solid choice for Architectural Sound…meaning background music.  The upgraded woofer and tweeter material make this a good performer and not just another background speaker.  It should […]

Inwalltech Review — HD650.2W

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InwallTech Review –HD650.2W The High Definition Series from InwallTech gets a big makeover this year.  The HD650.2W is now available in a “trimless” version.  Meaning that the grill frame around the edge is no longer there!  All you see is the ultra-minimalistic fine mesh grill hugging the wall surface.  The sound was already becoming legendary […]

JBL SP6CII Review — Inwall Speaker Reviews

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JBL SP6CII Review From JBL: A pair of JBL® SP6CII in-ceiling loudspeakers offers any home true JBL-quality sound without taking up valuable floor or shelf space. The SP6CII’s 6-1/2-inch (165-millimeter) titanium-laminate, low-frequency woofer delivers exceptional bass, while a swivel-mounted, titanium-laminate tweeter produces accurate, clear high-frequency output. A proprietary waveguide and 80 watts of peak power […]

Bose 191 Review of Their Innovative Stereo Everywhere Design

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Bose 191 Review From Bose: Bose® 191 flush-mount speakers blend into your room so beautifully, only their noteworthy performance will remind you they’re there. Install them in your wall, connect to your stereo or surround sound components, and enjoy wide, spacious sound coverage while these Virtually Invisible® speakers almost disappear. Music to your ears—and easy […]

Polk Audio RC60i Review

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Polk Audio RC60i Review From Polk Audio: You’re about to install some inset lighting into your theater room or living room. Maybe add a dimmer. Take a moment and think about this first: You can add some “insets,” and install a few RC60i in-ceiling loudspeakers, and no one will even notice! That’s because, on first […]

ArchiTech SE-791E Inwall Speaker Review

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ArchiTech SE-791E (aka Oemsystems) OEM Systems designs and manufacturers the ArchiTech SE-791E as well as many different lines of in wall speakers.  They’ve been in it as long as anyone.  They started in a beach community in California and eventually moved east to escape the fantastic weather to settle in Reno, Nevada.  It’s probably that […]

Deciding on what speaker to buy

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Jeff, The best way to buy speakers on-line is to first get a baseline of what type of material you like to listen to. Go out and listen to some speakers and make a note of your observations and then record what they are made out of. You can listen to bookshelf types to determine […]